Welcome to my site!

About Me

My name is David Huck. I am currently 19 years old and attending Des Moines Area Community College for Web Development; i'm also dabbling in photography. I am eager to start working and to make a name for myself. I am very social and a great team player, however I can also work great independently. I do not have a problem meeting deadlines or taking the extra step to make my work better.

I chose this area of work because I highly enjoy solving problems and I prefer working on a computer compared to pen and paper. I realize there is more to life than just working and living, so I have a few hobbies and things I enjoy doing outside of work.

My Hobbies:

My Hobbies reflect my lifestyle. I like to stay busy and be out and about as opposed to staying at home. I also find traveling very exciting as I have been to Amsterdam, Rome, Pompeii, Scotland, Haiti, Capri, and Naples.

Concerts are also very lively. The majority of the concets I have been to consist of 80's rock bands, but I have also been to some country concerts. Some of my favorite concerts were Chris Young, Eli Young Band, Motley Crue & Alice Cooper, Metallica, Iron Maiden & Ghost, M3 Rock Festival, Dokken, Twisted Sister, Firehouse, Cinderella, and Skid Row.

Skills and Experiance